How to Improve Health?

After a few months on the street come spring. This period is necessary to prepare carefully, because at that time people get sick more often. The reason for this – lack of vitamins. Even if a person eats a lot of fruits and vegetables, it does not mean that he is getting enough vitamins. This is due to the fact that fruit and vegetables lose many nutrients for the winter. But always in this period can be prepared, not to join the ranks of the diseased.

So, how to improve your health?

1. Garlic. Eat more garlic. It can also be added to various dishes. It contains many substances that strengthen the immune system and the body’s defenses.
2. Chocolate. If you do not, then we dare to announce that the chocolate – it is the best antioxidant. A small piece of chocolate can not only strengthen our health, but also improve your mood.
3. Seabuckthorn. The sea buckthorn contains omega-3 fatty acids. Berry copes with stress and improves libido. Sea buckthorn is well kept in the freezer. So it does not lose its beneficial properties. It is important not to subject the heat treated fruit.

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