How to Increase Testosterone

1311164It’s no secret, with age the level of testosterone in the blood decreases.

This leads to significant physiological and psycho-emotional changes. There is a growing body weight, decreases the amount of calcium in the bones, decreased sex drive. Subsequently, the data set of factors can lead to depression. Japanese scientists conducted a series of clinical trials failed to demonstrate reduction in testosterone production process is reversible.

Aerobic exercise under the special program for 12 weeks, contributed to a significant increase in the hormone in men who are overweight.
Testosterone is considered the male sex hormone and on its quantity in the body depends on:

Reproductive function;
Brittle bones;
The number of red blood cells;
Presence of hair;
The ratio of muscle and body fat.

Since 30 years, testosterone levels begin to decline steadily, with an average of 1% each year. His first step to decrease excess body weight. While a balanced diet and exercise leading to an increase in sex hormone levels.

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