How to Increase the Chances of Conceiving?

When a family decides that it is ready to have a child? Undoubtedly, this question is difficult to answer, because this should be ready two. In today’s world no one is in no hurry to have children. Now much more relevant – work, wealth, and then the children.

So, this time preshel. Both husband and wife agreed that they were ready to be parents. And then the fun begins. It seems that pregnancy should occur immediately and without delay (probably as ordered). But it does not happen. Female body can not be programmed.

But what if there was not, women are beginning to study the information – how to promote fertility.

What data can be found on the Internet?

1. “Birch”. After making love to become a woman in a pose of “birch.”
2. The female orgasm. If a woman has an orgasm, then the probability of conception is highest.
3. Pornography. Viewing pornography improves male sperm.

Lovely woman, do not need to rush things. Everything happens at a time when you least expect it.

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