How to increase the quality of running?

Morning jogging, as well as evening exercise, is very good for the appearance of a person and his well-being

but it is not always possible to make these exercises comfortable enough, because in most cases, a person simply does not understand how to properly prepare themselves for a run and how to behave during and after training. In any case, if you give this lesson, at least twenty minutes a day, then the extra weight will disappear before your eyes, in a few weeks, and the health will only strengthen.

Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to feel great after your body becomes hot from jogging and is charged with a lot of energy for the whole next day.

Scientists were able to analyze the actions of those who like to run and put forward their recommendations on how, you can increase the effectiveness of each jog. It is worthwhile to get acquainted with each of them and find the most suitable for your age and desire to achieve some positive results. Although, if you try to follow all the recommendations at once, then jogging will turn not just into sports training, but a truly desirable occupation.

Recommendations for runners

1) The rules of 10%. According to scientific calculations, the most acceptable increase in the weekly mileage should be no more than 10%. After all, in all other cases, the human body simply can not get used to the loads and can even get injured.
2) The rule of two hours. You should never eat two hours before and after your workout. This will ensure active metabolism and improvement of well-being just a few days after the start of the training process.
3) The rule is 10 minutes. All professional coaches, strongly recommend their wards to begin training with ten minutes of a quiet pace and finish it in the same way.
4) The rule of two days. If you feel that for two days during the run you have something hurts, then the next two days, you must certainly make a weekend and allow the body to recover.
5) Rule of dialogue. While you are running to strengthen your health, and not training to become a marathon runner, you need to pay attention to the fact that the ability to conduct a dialogue should not be complicated by breathing.
6) The rule of sleep. It turns out that scientists recommend that for every two kilometers you overcome during the run, give yourself an extra minute of sleep, every night.
7) The rule is ten degrees. Be sure to pay attention to the fact that you need to dress as if on the street at ten degrees the temperature is higher than the thermometer shows. This is due to the fact that an abundance of clothes will aggravate movement and make breathing difficult when the body is too warm during running.
8) A rule that obliges after a hard training, to allow yourself to make one easy. This will necessarily lead to the fact that the body will begin to feel the encouragement from the person and thus, it will be able to restore its strength faster and at the same time it is better to train the next time.

Why is running so important for a person?

It turns out that it is running that is the most popular and effective type of sports hobbies among many others. The thing is that it is the most accessible for every person. After all, in order to go for a run, you just need to have only one thing – this is a desire.

Of course, those who have the opportunity to provide themselves with quality footwear and proper clothing will benefit much more from running, but those who will walk barefoot in the plowed field every morning will also benefit greatly.

Therefore, when there is a desire to do something very useful for your body, you just need to go for jogging and try not to leave this hobby, never in life. Although, everyone who has ever started to play sports assures that it is simply impossible to leave this habit.

And all because it is sport that makes a person happy and truly and free in their actions. because only here all the results depend on your physical abilities and diligence with which you approach the training process.


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