How to keep fit in the fall period

Summer is your favorite time of the year, the main holiday and travel period, and of course it’s a great opportunity to show off your ideal forms, after all, when going on holiday to the sea, every woman, and a man, too, starts to prepare in advance, because it’s nice to look and be in a beautiful physical form is pleasant primarily for yourself.

Who would like to see a formless silhouette in the mirror, besides, if you watch your appearance, then accordingly you will watch your health in general, everything should be in harmony both externally and internally.

Why people get better

With the onset of cold weather, most of the population falls into the so-called “autumn melancholy”, it is not surprising at all, because the body is accustomed to the warm summer sun, fine weather and, accordingly, all this in captivity can not lift moods and give additional tides of strength and vigor, and when the weather begins to change, there is a need to put on warm clothes to keep warm, and you should always carry an umbrella so that you do not fall under the autumn, not warm rain, a person involuntarily begins It is a kind of perestroika, an annual acclimatization of the body and preparation for the cold season.

Although everything has its pluses, and every time of the year is beautiful in its own way, it is important only to see it in time and enjoy this moment.

Each person has his own methods of combating the autumn and winter melancholy, some are immersed in meditation, others are looking for distractions, while others just literally jam it, explaining it by the fact that in the cold season you want to eat much more than in the summer.

In fact, it really is, only this feeling of hunger explains the body’s need to produce more energy, because with the onset of colds the human body becomes more vulnerable and is located to various respiratory and viral diseases, in other words the body starts to work more actively to activate its protective function, and for this he needs more energy, which can be replenished by eating enough of all the necessary vitamins and microelements. But, unfortunately, people often confuse the notion of “sufficient quantity” with “excessive amount”, and then the body accumulates more than it needs carbohydrates, proteins, etc., which can subsequently lead to frustration and metabolic disorders, and this is subsequently observed in the form of the appearance of extra pounds, which in turn negatively affects not only the appearance of the person, but also the disruption of the functioning of his body as a whole and can lead to the development of not very pleasant diseases.

When a person recovers very sharply the organs and systems of the body are difficult to change in order to ensure their normal functioning, hence the violations of the work of one or another organ, and the human organs are a peculiar mechanism, and the disruption of the work of one organ directly affects the work of the whole organism. To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to take responsibility for your health, carefully monitor food and avoid the slightest errors.

How to eat in the cold season

In order for your body to work without interruptions, review your diet. In the autumn-winter period, the human body especially needs vitamins. Since it is not easy to purchase natural fruits and vegetables in the autumn or winter season, you can diversify your diet with various useful vitamin-containing cereals, try to eat only natural products. In summer, it is desirable to stock up with dried fruits (drying), from which you get wonderful natural vitamin supplements in autumn and winter.

Competently calculate the use of fatty meat, which can be difficult for your body, and then it is better to replace it with lighter poultry meat or fish, and cook these foods better by baking or cooking. Also pay special attention to the use of healthy teas. Be sure to purchase vitamin and herbal preparations.

Which perfectly affect the functioning of the body and help to strengthen immunity. Be sure to remember that you can eat all the foods that you love, the only condition is to observe the measure of their consumption. Adhere to the principles of healthy eating and lifestyle, do not forget the sport. And then you do not have to make any effort to restore the figure and health in the spring. It will be enough for you to just keep in shape.