How to Keep Weight after the Diet!

That came to an end the diet. This moment is every woman looks forward. After all, the day of the triumph. Now the figure has acquired a beautiful and sexy shape. But how to keep it in such quantities? This question is not interested in a woman who for several months stuck to the diet.

1. Power. After the diet should not think that you can eat everything. Do not think about your favorite candy. Sweets and bread, as before under the ban. Do not forget that the number of servings of increase is also not worth it. Remember that time you were fighting hard against excess weight. No need to cross out all the works of a single flick of the wrist.
2. Sports. From sports training also should not give up. It is important that the body receives the load. If you’ve been training three times a week, you can now go for 2 workouts per week.
3. Walking in the fresh air. Walking in the park and no one cancels. Try to spend more time outdoors. It is particularly important for a walk before going to bed.

Be graceful and charming!

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