How to keep yourself until one hundred and twenty years old?

It is said that the resource of the human body is estimated for about one hundred and twenty years, but only one percent of the population of people of our planet live to the centenary, and most can not pass the line with a mark of eighty years.

So on what does it depend that a person can not live to the age that is written in his genetic code from ancestors? Of course, many external factors affect human health, after which it is almost unable to fight health problems.

Therefore, in order not to harm yourself and make the most of your life, it is necessary to follow the basic laws of long-livers, who have tried every advice and method on themselves.

Tips for those who want to live long

1) We train the brain. You must always make sure that your brain is in a constant load, but not too heavy. After all, if you train your brain and keep it in increased activity, it starts the processes of rejuvenation and always works to ensure that the body is in good physical shape.
2) We are moving. The more a person moves in his life, the longer he can live. After all, movements always activate processes that activate all useful functions in the body and help it not to succumb to time, but on the contrary to resist years, while remaining always young.
3) Do not overeat. It is very useful to arrange for your body unloading days, which will certainly benefit favorably the whole body. Thus, the less food, the easier it is for the body to update and resist disease.
4) Learning to be friends. In the course of life, you should try to find friends who would really understand and support you in any situation. And if you have the opportunity to believe that next to you there are such people, then try not to lose their friendship, so that throughout your life you had someone who can tell everything to the smallest detail.
5) More fruits and water. If you prefer vegetarianism in your life, then you can already count on the fact that your life will be long and healthy. And if you add to this and more fruit with clean water, you can count on the fact that you will celebrate a hundred years in a nightclub.
6) Learn how to love. If in your life there is a person who loves you and protects from worldly problems, then you can assume that you are not afraid of old age. After all, love and tenderness are the most beautiful means against old age.
7) Sleep only in a cool room. Scientists were able to prove that the temperature in the room during sleep should be about seventeen to eighteen degrees to maximize the youth’s youthful state in the unchanged state for many years.
8) Allow yourself to swear and shout. If you suppress anger within yourself, then diseases begin to develop. Scientists from all over the world were able to prove that those people who never spit out negative emotions in most cases suffer from various diseases, as well as malignant tumors.
9) There are no bad habits to say. Our body simply needs to remain always pure and untouched by external stimuli. After all, all bad habits shorten the life expectancy of each person.

How to help yourself live a long time?

If you begin to monitor your health and carry out at least some of the recommended rules, then the probability of surviving to a hundred years increases several times.

An important issue remains the fact that a person must want to live his life so that it has a long and happy life.

So, if you think that all the rules of healthy eating and observing the regimes of sleep and exercise are written for those who do not know how to have fun and live happily, it is worth starting with your thoughts. Just change the psychology and then it will help you to cope with all the problems in life. And if you do not think about anything bad, then you will have plenty of time to live a healthy and happy person for more than a hundred years, as our body disposes, the main thing is not to hurt yourself.