How to look attractive in a swimsuit

What a girl does not dream of being gorgeous in any apparel, and without it.

With the advent of the long-awaited beloved period of warmth and sun, each of the representatives of mankind has its own problems and requirements for this period. Someone dreams of a dizzying rest, other people invariably want to remain perfect in every sense of the word. But the greatest thirst, which is present in the fair sex, relates to the desire to have an attractive appearance. And if in winter in order to look attractive enough a little, then in the summer – it’s a difficult job. In order to have an attractive visual appearance, it is necessary to exert a lot of effort.

Especially not always it is possible to achieve desirable on a beach. This zone does not accept mistakes in creating its own image, as any oversight will become public. Disadvantages of the figure, unsuccessfully chosen swimsuit and beach accessory will not be able to disguise any other factor. Therefore, many women with special trepidation expect such an important and responsible event, as the choice of bathing attire. Indeed, sometimes pick up a swimsuit, so that he, with all his minimalism in style, managed to emphasize the dignity of the figure – this is a whole science. Thousands of girls around the world annually try to understand its basics, but only a few can do it. The rest are trying to find out about her secrets without success and every time make the same mistakes that can spoil both the mood and the appearance.

Impossible is possible. The main thing is the right choice

Favorite summer entertainment is swimming in water, the sea or the pool can not bring a full range of pleasures if the girl is displeased with her way. Also, the opportunity to soak up under the sun on a chaise longue can be overshadowed if the body has a “wrong” swimsuit, which will not be able to accomplish the impossible – to emphasize all the charms of the figure. If you follow some advice of experts, you can be sure that, indeed, even with the almost complete absence of clothing on the body, you can look stunning.

When you consider the range of swimsuits in the newfangled catalogs, it seems that every kind of bathing wardrobe is amazing and will excellently emphasize all the virtues that nature has endowed.

However, many women forget that photos in catalogs or glossy magazines often undergo a thorough processing of photoshop. Yes, and posing for cameras photographers, as a rule, girls who have impeccable parameters. As for the average women, who have average statistical forms, everything is much more complicated here. In order to look sexy, you need to choose the right swimsuit, taking into account not only the trend of fashion, but the physiological characteristics of your body. Separate, joint, sporting, having an inflated or lowered waist, bikini, body and many other options, can perfectly look at one lady, and be an ugliness on others. And it’s not always the case even in the presence or absence of extra pounds on the body, sometimes it’s all about silhouette.

The main types of figures and the models of swimsuits that are relevant to them

Rectangle. Owners of this type of figure, as a rule, fans of sports lifestyle. They have a proportional body, a small chest and even pumped legs. These girls will look great in a separate swimsuit, which has a bra with the effect of push-up and swimming trunks-bikini. If you possess such a figure, but would not refuse from the swimsuit, then pay attention that the print on the product is identical to the natural curves of the figure. Also ideal for swimsuits, which have inserts of translucent fabric. Do not trust shorts and drawings in the form of geometric patterns.

Oval figure. A very common type of female figure. Characterized by a wide waist, which is almost the same with the width of the hips and shoulders. The ideal model of a swimsuit is a classical swimming trunks and a top with a V-shaped cut. This model will visually reduce the waist and hide a small tummy, if any. Also for any given type of figure are any joint models of bathing clothes.

Inverted triangle. This type of figure is characterized by hips that are considerably narrower than the upper part of the body. Long slender legs may also be characteristic. In order to help yourself look proportional and attractive, even in the presence of some flaws on the body, you should give preference to models that have an emphasis on the lower part – on the swimming trunks. It can be melting-skirts, flounces or meltings with an overestimated waist. At the same time, a bodice is preferred, which is tied around the neck with thin straps.

The usual triangle – the shoulders is much wider than the thighs. Women who have this type of figure should give preference to swimsuits, with the presence of large flounces, draperies and bright prints. Extra creases and frills can accentuate the décolleté area and create additional volume, if necessary. If you are the owner of a figure that looks like the right triangle, then you can safely give preference to separate swimsuits, as well as the merged ones, which have classic-style swimming trunks.

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