How to Lose Weight Celebrity?

Every woman wants to have a beautiful figure. This is quite normal desire. Beauty and harmony – these two parameters, each seeks lady. But not always get all the women on the first try. Sometimes to lose weight is as simple as it might seem at first glance.

Let’s learn how to lose weight celebrity. Apparently, they all doing great, because they look great.

1. Elizabeth Hurley. Celebrity eats only once a day. But eating dostatchno tight.
2. Sophia Loren. Star always eat your favorite pasta. Only there is one caveat – the pasta should be a solid grade. For the filling you should always use the sauce with a minimum of calories.
3. Uma Thurman. Once, for a role in a movie actress had to lose 10 kilos you need. In all the stars came out. Prescription diet is simple – she did not eat anything other than sweets.

As you can see, dear women, even with celebrities is no single approach to losing weight. Each person chooses the method that suits him the most. And it can be done only by trial and error.

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