How to Lose Weight Ukrainians?

We all know that in Ukraine live the most beautiful girl on earth. It’s hard to explain, but the nation is really beautiful. Foreigners them difficult to look away.

But what if there was not, all nations are experiencing problems with being overweight. Ukrainka no exception. Most likely, this is due to the fact that Ukrainians enough high-calorie food (soup, dumplings with sour cream, bacon and onions).

As if there was not, but look slim and fit all want.

So, as the Ukrainians come to the fight against excess weight.

1. Power. It is very important to give up fatty foods. Eat like more lean meat, herbs and vegetables. As you know, in this country eat a lot of bread. From it should be discarded first.
2. Sports. Without exercise to lose weight will be harder. In this connection – safely sign up for training. We need to become more active and start to move more.
3. Walking in the fresh air. It is very important to spend enough time outdoors. Evening walk – this is what is needed for health and sound sleep.

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