How to Love Your Body?

It is difficult to find a woman who would be happy with her body. Any woman can find a flaw in herself. That’s how nature works. But I want to say that in this business it is impossible to show fanaticism. It is extremely important to love yourself the way nature created you.

How can you love yourself?

1. There is no comparison. Never compare yourself to celebrities. Ideally they only look when they come out. In ordinary life, these are women who prefer to go without make-up, deep decollete and without high heels. We see the picture that they show us. Only we never notice what is behind it (though, in vain).
2. Work on yourself. Always work on yourself. Work on your body, not to bed. Adhere to the right diet, exercise in the gym, visit the beauty salon. In general, do everything to your reflection in the mirror you liked.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone good luck and success in such a difficult business. Fighting your own complexes is never easy. Have enough patience.

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