How to Maintain Good Eyesight?

161120163Nowadays more and more people began to wear glasses. It should be noted, very sad fact that small children have difficulty seeing. Why is this happening and how to prevent it?

The cause of poor eyesight due to the fact that the world is now very computerized. The human eye is not simply resting. For example, a person watching TV, then goes and sits down at the computer, and then (at night) need to check your emails on your smartphone.

However, this problem must be addressed.

1. Gymnastics for the eyes. It is important to perform every night for gymnastics eye. Contradict the necessary exercises can be found on the internet, or to consult on this matter with your doctor.
2. Doctor. Do not forget to visit the optician to identify problems early on.
3. Computer. Give your eyes a rest from the computer. You do not need a whole day and night to sit at a computer (to watch movies or play games). If your work is connected with the work at the computer, then every 20 minutes you need to rest your eyes. It’s enough to look out the window.

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