How to Make a Stronger Health?

Everyone wants to be long-lived. But you need to make at least a minimum of effort. No need to carry a wrong way of life, and then be surprised bunch of diseases.

So how can you become healthy and strong man?

1. Sugar. Avoid eating sugar. This product brings no health benefit. Thus, in the tea can always add honey, and no sugar.
2. Mealtime. At the table, you need to spend no more than 20 minutes. This is the best time to be filled and not overeat.
3. No – harmful food. Stop eating at fast-food outlets. Learn to cook. There is nothing healthier than food cooked at home. We should not eat mayonnaise, ketchup, smoked and salted dishes.
4. Drink. Do not drink carbonated beverages. Prefer freshly squeezed juices and water without gas.
5. Fresh air. Reduce your stay at the computer. These hours or minutes, it is best to hold on to the street, in the open air.
6. Snack. From snacks should be discarded. But if there is no strength to endure, you can always eat a banana, apple or walnut.

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