How to Make Bones Strong?

Each person experiences with his health. But experience is not enough. It is necessary to do at least something to do. So, if you want to have healthy and strong bones, then you need to pay due attention to their nutrition.

So, what foods you need to eat to become stronger bones?

1. Calcium. Everyone knows that bones need calcium. It is found in milk, cottage cheese, cheese. But do not forget the fact that calcium by itself is very poorly absorbed by the body. To assimilation was better, need vitamin D3. To the body it was enough often go out in the sun.
2. Phosphorus. There is another trace mineral that is needed bones – is phosphorus. It is found in seafood (all sorts of varieties of fish, shrimp, squid, crab), pumpkin seeds, beans.
3. Zinc. In order to saturate the body with zinc, it is necessary to eat the liver, poultry, cereals. Nuts.

As you can see, the diet should be varied. Note that with proper nutrition that a person into old age is healthy.

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