How to Make Heart Healthy?

In old age, more and more people are faced with heart disease. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to say what is the cause of a disease. But one should always remember that you need to follow from a young age for their health.

So how can you keep the heart healthy?

1. Games. As if the man was not busy, you should always find time for a game. Most children take time and play with them in action games.
2. Walking. Make it a rule that everyone over 30 minutes, you have to walk. If too lazy to do it after work, then the work can always come on foot, not to arrive by car.
3. Food. Discard all of fried and fatty foods. This is an extremely important point.
4. Salt. Limit your salt dishes. Fresh food is not as tasty, but more useful.
5. Fruits and Vegetables. More often eat vegetables and fruits. They are always in abundance must be present on your desktop.
6. Removing the stress. Try from time to time to remove stress. Turn off the phone and relax as much as possible. Do what you want.

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