How to Make Skin Clean?

Every woman wants to have beautiful and healthy skin. Only the modern woman to do it is not so simple. There are constant temptations (sweet candy, watching your favorite TV series). All these factors adversely affect not only the skin condition but also on health in general.

So, how to achieve the beauty of the skin?

1. Power. It is necessary to adjust the diet. Grilled and smoked dishes – you need to eliminate from your menu forever.
2. Walking. Instead of sitting at home at the computer, it is much more useful to go for a walk. Fresh air and walking have a positive effect on the skin.
3. Care. Skin care should be permanent. This means that devote time your skin you need every day. Morning should begin with a skin cleanser. To do this, you can not use the water from the tap. It is best to choose the ice cubes. Ice water perfectly tones skin. Then you need to put on the skin sunscreen. In winter, the skin needs to be protected from the cold, and in summer – the heat. Yet there is one important point – never go to bed without washing cosmetics.

As you can see pretty women, skin care simple, but it must be regular.

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