How to Make the Heels Softer?

More and more women in the summer face such a problem – like hard skin in the heels. This greatly worsens the appearance of the feet. It seems that a woman simply refuses to take care of herself (although this is not so).

This problem must be addressed. How to make the heels soft like a baby? This question is of interest to many women.

1. Soda. Take warm water and add a little soda. You need to steam your nails for about 20 minutes. Soda will make the skin softer. After that, it is necessary to rub the heels with pumice stone. Now we put a fat cream and put on cotton socks. This procedure will also be useful for nails.
2. Aloe leaf. The aloe leaf should be placed on the places where the heels crack. Then put aloe on top of polyethylene, and put on socks. It turned out, kinda, a compress. It is best to perform the procedure at night.
3. Olive oil. Every evening, put on the heels of olive oil. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin well.

Lovely women, only full-fledged care will help to maintain the beauty of our legs. Do not forget to wear comfortable shoes.

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