How to Make the Right Food?

Nowadays people want to eat right. But this is not so simple, because there are a lot of temptations (hot pizza, delicious hot dog). But what if there was not, you need to eat properly. Do not delay this important business, start now. In addition, we now try to describe in detail the principles of proper nutrition.

1. The amount of food. You should always monitor the amount of food consumed. The most important thing is not to overeat. The rule to remember, and always stick to it.
2. Variety. You do not need to eat meat and one fish. The diet should include proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The more varied the diet, the better for your body.
3. Breakfast. Waiver of breakfast – a wrong decision. It was breakfast – is the foundation of foundations. It is best suited for the breakfast porridge and boiled egg. Then you can drink a glass of juice.

If you stick to these simple rules, we can not only be healthy, but also a beautiful person. This is due to the fact that the power and beauty – two concepts that are closely intertwined.

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