How to Overcome Cellulite?

At present, more and more women notice on their thighs cellulite. This is a problem with which you can live. She does not bring any harm. Rather, it is a cosmetic problem. But what woman does not want to be a real beauty without flaws? Of course, everyone wants to be like Cleopatra.

So how can you cope with the orange peel?

1. Power. It is very important to eat right. This means – to give up sweets and mayonnaise. Excluding these products, the positive results will be seen in a few weeks.
2. Sports. It is important to engage in sports. The skin should always be on our toes, and muscle – testing load.
3. Massage. Anti-cellulite massage also has a positive effect. Besides, it can be performed independently.
4. The main assistants. More recently, German researchers have compiled a list of products that are indispensable in this issue. These are: birch juice, fennel, horsetail, bran, green tea. These products have a positive effect on the endocrine system, improves metabolism and removal of residues from the body.

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