How to Overcome PMS?

Every woman once a month is faced with PMS. It is a condition that men will never understand or explain it. At such moments, the woman feels wrong, as usual. This is not a pleasant feeling. In this period, women often very often mood changes, headache, swollen breasts.

I want to say that such a state must be resisted. How can this be done?

1. Yoga. Start doing yoga. This will result not only in the body in order, but also thinking. Learn to control your thoughts and desires.
2. Fiber. Include more fiber diet. This is due to the fact that many women are faced with such a problem as diarrhea. The reason for this – spasms. Eat more vegetables and fruits. It will always be useful to the body.
3. Calcium. Researchers from America have come to the conclusion that calcium can cope with mood swings and cramps.

Lovely woman, everything that occurs before menstruation – is quite natural and normal. Sometimes it can be just a little bit to adjust the situation, in order to feel better.

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