How to Overcome the Common Cold?

At present, many countries have loomed epidemic of colds and flu. Nobody wants to get sick, but if it has already happened. How can you help the body cope with an illness?

1. Vigilance. If you feel a slight discomfort, it is best to go to the hospital. There you always the doctor will prescribe medication and provide competent hospital. We need to forget to carry the disease on their feet.
2. Bed rest. If you feel unwell lie longer in bed. Most ventilate the room to make it more fresh air.
3. Fight. Diseases of the need to give a fitting rebuff. To do this, you need to drink vitamins that help immunity.
4. Tea. During his illness drink more tea. It is possible to add ginger, lemon. They help to strengthen the immune system.
5. Prevention. Take care of the preventive measures. It is best to always prevent disease than to treat it. To do this more often in the street (walking at night) and eat right. Then all will be well if you follow these rules! Do not be ill!

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