How to Prepare the Bride for the Wedding?

0612201612Preparations for the wedding – it’s always exciting. On this day, everything should be memorable and thought out to the smallest detail. How do you want everything to go to the summit.

So how did the bride to prepare itself for such an important day in her life?

1. Bloating. The dress should sit perfectly (it is not even discussed). In this regard, you need to keep your stomach from bloating. To do this, you need to give up the spicy and savory. Carbonated drinks are also better not to drink. Proper nutrition – it’s just what you need.
2. Sleep. Before the event you need a good sleep. Healthy sleep – is the key to beautiful appearance and excellent mood.
3. Caffeine. From the caffeine contained in coffee, a ray of all refuse, since it strongly excites the nervous system.
4. Alcohol. Before the ceremony, do not need to drink alcohol. On the wedding day to be refreshed, relaxed and fun.
5. Overeating. You do not need to eat too much. Perfect food the day before the wedding – it’s chicken or fish. You do not need to overeat to avoid heaviness in the stomach.

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