How to Prevent Stretch Marks after Pregnancy?

Women who already have a child, know what streamers after birth. This is a real problem. If a woman is just going to have a baby, then this topic is very distant to her. But be that as it was not necessary to understand the topic. This is due to the fact that prevention is easier to provide than cure.

So what should you do to during and after pregnancy stretch marks do not appear?

1. Olive oil. From the first months of pregnancy in the area of ​​problem areas need to rub olive oil. This will help moisturize the skin. In addition, oil is absolutely safe for the child.
2. Douches. Before you become pregnant you need to take a contrast shower. This method will increase the elasticity of the skin. But during pregnancy, according to the way you should not use.
3. Massage. Problematic places need to massage. Only the movement should be smooth and neat.
4. Bandage and bra. During pregnancy, buy a bra and belt for pregnant women. It will be a good thing to support the growing belly and chest.
5. Sport. Before pregnancy is useful to engage in sports. This will protect your skin from stretch marks in the future.

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