How to Prevent the Emergence of Excess Weight in the Winter?

Everyone knows that many people gain weight in winter. This is due to the fact that people in this time of year are inactive lifestyle. It’s cold, and nobody wants to once again go out. But such a solution in spring plays a cruel joke. Overweight occurs imperceptibly, but get rid of it is not so easy.

So, how to prevent weight gain in the winter?

1. Weigh. Weighed need every day. So it will be easier to control your weight. If you notice that something was wrong, then immediately you can adjust your diet.
2. Table. Make a table. It is important to take into account the clear dependence of consumption and calorie expenditure.
3. Carbohydrates. Avoid sweets and white bread. You can always eat vegetables, fruits and whole-grain bread.
4. Sport. If so I do not want to spend enough time on the street, or at least join a gym.
5. Eating. Everyone should get up from the table a little hungry. If you observe this simple rule, the problems with being overweight will never be.

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