How to Prolong Life?

Each of us would like to live at least 100 years. But unfortunately this is the exception rather than the rule. People who have survived to this age are considered long-lived and not so much. But you can not give up. We must always fight.

So how can prolong life?

1. Folic acid. Eat more foods that contain folic acid. These are: spinach, liver, cheese, eggs, dairy products. With the help of this vitamin can make the skin more delicate, to strengthen eyesight and immunity. It is important to eat foods containing folic acid during pregnancy planning. You can use it to provide prevention of malformations in the fetus.
2. Sports. It is extremely important to pay tribute to the influence of sport. The more a person moves, the better. Sedentary lifestyle leads to many diseases. Be active and cheerful.
3. Walking in the fresh air. Do not forget that every day you need to spend about 2 hours in the fresh air. In this case, the more active you are, the better for your health.

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