How to Protect Hair in the Summer?

0912201610Hair every person in need of quality care. It is worth noting that care in the summer and the winter is very clean. In winter, the hair must be protected from the cold, and in summer – from the sun and heat.

So, how to properly care for your hair in the summer? How to keep hair in good condition?

1. Sun. Sun hair fade and become dull shade. After that, their appearance becomes a deplorable state. No shine and gloss to them. To avoid this, always protect your hair from the sun. To do this, you can wear a scarf and use protective equipment.
2. Pool. The water in the pool often contains chlorine. On the one hand, this is good, because this chemical element is able to neutralize many microorganisms. On the other hand, the chlorine has an adverse effect on the hair and human health. Before you go to the pool, wear a hat. After bathing, be sure to wash your hair.
3. Tap water. That hair has always been soft, you need to use purified water. Hard water causes irreparable damage to the hair.

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