How to Protect Yourself from the Evil Dog?

No one in the world is safe from dog bite. It is quite dangerous to human health, because the animal may be rabid. As you know, rabies – an extremely dangerous disease.

But now scientists are working for the benefit of people. Now you can protect yourself a little bit from the stray dogs.

If you do not already know, then we dare to announce that you can easily buy a dog deterrent in any supermarket. It’s a great thing that should be in the pocket of every person.

So, how it operates. This device has a flashlight and a special ultrasound probe. The main action – it scare the dog. The operating principle of this – light flashes and the dog becomes uncomfortable. As for the ultrasound, it operates on a frequency that dogs just do not tolerate. Hearing this sound, they just run away. It’s simple.

Note that no damage to the device does not make the person. This is due to the fact that we just do not hear this frequency. In this case, the device takes up little space. Protect yourself and your family from the evil dog!

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