How to Quickly Grow a Bang?

281120167Many women faced such a nuisance – a bad haircut. At this point, it seems that the whole world collapsed. It seems that everything went as it should, but the result was simply disastrous.

Undoubtedly, the hair grows back, you only need to wait a bit. But I want to fix the problem as soon as possible.

So how to make hair grow twice as fast?

1. Massage. Area bangs growth must be carefully massaged. Massage improves blood circulation, and the hair will grow faster. To effect was better to use olive oil.
2. Masks. For hair growth is recommended to apply a mask. Most often, their composition should include oils (castor or burdock). Sometimes used for this purpose paprika. But it must be applied with caution to avoid burns.
3. Dryer. If you grow hair, it is better not to use a hairdryer.
4. Staining. Do you want to restore the old hair faster? Some time will have to refrain from hair coloring.
5. Nutrition. That hair was thick and growing quickly, you need to eat right.

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