How to Recognize Bad Gynecologist?

Every woman visiting a gynecologist. Sometimes it happens in the prophylactic and sometimes for the treatment of any pathology. As if there was not a woman he expects to get to the good expert. However, this is not always the case. Now it is very often not possible to meet a bona fide doctor-gynecologist.

So, how it can be recognized?

1. Money. If a doctor from the beginning of the hints that he examined you or cured, the material he needed to thank, then it is should be alerted.
2. Diagnosis. The doctor will never make a diagnosis without conducting tests.
3. Treatment. Before we prescribe treatment need to find out the cause of the disease rather than just treat the symptoms.
4. Analyses. If you have identified almost all infections are sexually transmitted, but no complaints. It is an occasion to reflect and re-take the tests in other laboratories.
5. Medical secrecy. Any doctor must comply with medical confidentiality. With each patient to communicate as much as possible correctly, regardless of the diagnosis.

Before you choose a doctor, talk to your friends, read reviews on the Internet.

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