How to recognize psychological violence?

If you notice that living side by side with a person is under constant pressure from his side, then you need to be more attentive to the manifestations of such relationships, because it is likely that this will be the initial stage of psychological violence, which sooner or later will take the form of tyranny and constant humiliation.

Therefore, at the first attempts of the partner to show at least a little of his limitations on your address, you should immediately sound an alarm and think about whether you need relationships that can not bring joy.

It is enough to notice a lot about a man who does not show his feelings in a benevolent direction. It is necessary to pay attention to special tips that will help you understand this situation and start reacting in time. So, there are five signs of psychological violence that you can determine yourself.

Five signs of pressure from the side

1) A constant sense of guilt. Man manipulator, will consciously convince you that you just need to do it constantly the way he likes. And you eventually will avoid situations that can lead to irritation of your loved one.
2) Insult and criticism. If you began to notice that your young man does not hesitate to use harsh words at every opportunity, then he certainly enjoys the fact that thus raises his self-esteem.
3) Prohibition of decision-making. Quite often a person who wants to psychologically apply pressure to his loved one begins to limit his freedom. Very often it is decision making that can significantly harm someone who wants to keep everything under control.
4) Any opinion is criticized. It is simply impossible to have your own opinion among those who are trying to recognize the only true opinion and this opinion of himself.
5) Full insulation. Quite quickly it will be possible to notice that in your life there is no one of friends and even with relatives you communicate extremely seldom. The fact is that the manipulator will specifically set you up against all people, thus trying to isolate your object of adoration as quickly as possible from society.

How to save yourself from such people?

If you notice that this behavior manifests itself more and more often, then the real manipulator is probably before you. It is very important to start feeling at the right time as a free and full-fledged person who can independently decide what he needs to do and how to act. The fact is that when a person begins to oppress another person, then he himself is bad enough and you need to pay attention to his psychological state. In order to save yourself from such a person, you just need to find the strength to go out once and never to return. After all, if you do not stop the psychological attack, then sooner or later you yourself will need medical help.

There is not a single case of a woman feeling happy at the moment when a barrage of claims and constant demands fell upon her. Therefore, you need to try to make sure that you live next to a person who will begin to perceive you as you are and do not want to somehow remodel.

You need to cherish your psychology and always try to find a companion in life that can bring only joy and happiness to it. If someone tries to reshape your character and behavior for your own understanding, it is better to try to get rid of communication with such a person as soon as possible, and also so that he is at all near you. After all, the more pleasant things happen in life, the better a person feels and therefore, he will become much more demanding not only to himself, but also to the people around him. Therefore, it is necessary to try to do everything possible to ensure that with you there are only good and positive personalities.

And if by the will of fate you can not completely isolate yourself from all those who bring unpleasant sensations, then you should simply reduce the probability of communication to a minimum, so as not to harm your health, both psychological and physical. The fact is that when there is a constant irritant, various diseases begin to develop in the human body.

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