How to Reduce your Appetite?

To the woman was easier to bring your body in good shape is necessary to engage in sports and adhere to proper diet.
But what if you want to eat? What tricks can reduce your appetite?

1. Portions. It is best to give preference to small portions. This will help you get rid of the feeling of hunger. But with small portions of your stomach will be protected from over-eating.
2. Snack. If you wanted to eat, you can always do it. Only the snack should consist of foods that contain a minimum of calories. It can a banana or an apple. You do not need to use as a snack large sandwich.
3. Parsley. With a feeling of hunger will help to cope parsley. To do this, you need to make the grass. With the infusion can get rid of hunger for 2 hours.
4. Water. If before a meal to drink a glass of water, the amount of eaten food can be halved.
5. Smell. Scientists of the United States came to the conclusion that certain smells can reduce appetite. For example, the smell of lavender or peppermint perfectly reduce hunger.

With these simple tips, you can easily lose weight.

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