How to Remove Black Spots on the Face at Home?

black-spots-1Your face – a symbol of beauty and individuality.

Many of us nature initially gives a very beautiful person, but because of certain characteristics of the organism, or our way of life the natural beauty of your face may change. Among one of the most pressing problems faced by women and men in the modern world – is the appearance of black spots on the face. Unfortunately, in recent years more and more people who suffer from this problem. Potentially black spots do not have any adverse effects on the body. However, because of this, the overall appearance is less beautiful and constantly have to mask this problem by means of foundation or other cosmetic products.

Since the relevance of this problem is quite high, we decided to prepare for you a special article that describe blackheads problem as detailed as possible on the face, causes and most effective ways to get rid of it.

Black spots – what is it?

black-spots-2When we see in his face black spots, few of us realize from what is it and where did they come to our skin. In fact, this phenomenon has a scientific explanation is quite simple. It is well known that our skin is made up of billions of pores. When these pores are excessively expanded through them is excess subcutaneous fat, there is the effect of “cork”. Clogged pores of subcutaneous fat are simply clogged. A very fat under the influence of oxygen and environmental factors begins to rapidly oxidize. Chemical subcutaneous fat oxidation process is accompanied by a change in color on the dark.

In the end, formed black spots in the pores (comedones), which we perceive as a simple spot.

There are several common areas on the face, which may appear black spots: the chin, the frontal part of the cheeks, nose, under the eyes and so on. Experts say that the issue of black spots often is relevant for people who have oily skin. In most cases, people who suffer from obesity or from nature have a tendency to develop increased subcutaneous fat pores on the face. However, quite often there are situations when the problem of occurrence of black spots face and those people who have dry skin.

There are several main reasons why there are dark spots on the face:

• Excessive production of subcutaneous fat. If the thickness of the fat layer beneath the epidermis above the normal level of excess subcutaneous fat is released out through the pores and creates a greasy cap. If you previously did not have such problems, but it came after a set of excess body weight, then you need to think about losing weight and the problem solved itself.
• The genetic characteristics of the organism. It is not always the owners of oily skin are overweight. Most are independent characteristics, so the problem of black spots may face even thin people with dry skin. Most likely, it’s just a genetic predisposition, and you just need to learn how to properly care for your face to prevent the appearance of blackheads.
• Teenage changes. Quite often, the problem with black spots on the face of suffering adolescents aged 14 to 17 years. Doctors say that it is quite a normal process, because this is the age hormonal changes occur and the body is rebuilt. Quite often, teenagers can be observed not only black spots, but also acne, pimples and other skin problems. If they are caused solely by a period of maturation, it will disappear on their own after a certain age.
• Bad food. Quite often it is the wrong food is the root cause that triggers excess subcutaneous fat in the skin. Black spots appear most often in people whose body has a high content of cholesterol and toxins, is experiencing problems with the organs of the digestive system, pancreas or liver. Be sure to revise your own meals, excluded from the products with a high fat, fried foods, fast food and other high-calorie food types.
• Bad ecology. Most modern people are forced to live in poor environmental conditions. However, sometimes the level of environmental pollution is so high that it can negatively reflect on the state of your body. Obviously, because of the high content of various harmful substances in the air, polluted water and other environmental factors, our skin suffers. In addition, frequent and prolonged use of the computer also has an adverse effect on the condition of your skin, so it can lead to similar consequences.
• Stress, insomnia. Our nervous system is very important for health. If you regularly have some stressful problems or suffer from lack of sleep, perhaps these factors provokes in your body the appearance of black spots on his face.

With reasons that can cause this, we figured out the problem. Now let’s try to understand how it can be a way to remove black spots on the face?

Immediately I would like to warn those who will try to squeeze the hands of these terms. This method is very dangerous and can cause serious diseases. The fact that the aggressive influence on the skin by finger pressure on it, could trigger some allergic reactions or lead to damage of the epidermis. In addition, we must understand that when you squeeze a certain amount of subcutaneous fat in the pores, it provides only a temporary effect. The void will be filled with again a new subcutaneous fat, so after a while you will again black spots.

Safe methods

black-spots-3Estheticians Experts recommend to deal with the problems of occurrence of black spots on the face with the help of various cosmetic products and special masks. This is one of the most convenient and safe methods, which not only saves you the consequences in the form of black spots themselves, but also eliminates the cause.

In fact, there are several variants of the universal cleansing facial masks that will help you get rid of this problem. We will now consider each of the options in more detail.

Face masks against black spots

So, as we have said, can take care of is to clean your face. Now we list some products which according to experts can help solve this problem.

Cosmetic clay. This product is already a long time and is quite widely used in modern industry of beauty. In fact, cosmetic clay has a number of properties, so its use is effective. This product is so common today that you can easily buy it at your local pharmacy or order through the Internet. Make a mask on the basis of cosmetic clay, you can apply it on your face and then rinse thoroughly. Reviews show that approximately 10-15 procedures a person really is cleared. The only drawback of this technique – just cosmetic clay cleans black specks, but does not prevent their re-education.

Salt. It’s amazing, but regular table salt can be not only a good seasoning for dishes, but also an effective cosmetic product. Take any gel for washing with salt and with a cotton swab, clean the face. It is advisable to wait about 10-20 minutes before you wash deposited mask from his face. This will effectively clean it, and narrow pores.

Baking soda. Take any liquid soap and add a little baking soda. The diluted mask apply on face and wait until it dries out a bit. After the procedure face wash just under a stream of warm water, but do not wipe with a towel. It is better to wait until the skin is dry on their own. It is important! If you use several tools for cleaning the face of the black spots at the same time, be very careful. For example, if you mix the salt and baking soda in a mask, it can get quite aggressive substance that can have a detrimental effect on the delicate skin. For this reason, do not take chances.

Honey mask. On the healing properties of honey are legendary. This is truly one of the most useful products that can be used not only as an ingredient for sweet or confectionery. Modern beauticians specialists have long used natural method in a variety of cosmetic purposes. For example, very often the honey used as an ingredient in the SPA or wraps for weight loss or to improve skin condition. If you have a medical home, and you want to get rid of blackheads, you can simply put it the skin, where there is the problem. But note that before applying the honey it is necessary to steam the skin and clean it with soap or gel. Apply honey only needs to dry skin, to achieve the desired effect.

Chicken eggs. The mask for cleansing of blackheads, prepared on the basis of eggs, can also be a useful solution to eliminate the problem. In fact, for the preparation of this product, you will need only a small amount of egg white and 1 tablespoon sugar. Mix these ingredients until smooth state, then apply to clean skin before bedtime. Support structure of the skin about 5-7 minutes and then wash it off and moisturize the skin with any cream.

Mask of aspirin. You thought that aspirin is only used as a medicine for lowering the body temperature? In fact, this medical drug can be used in cosmetology. For example, if you want to get rid of blackheads on your face, you need to simply dissolve 3-4 tablets of aspirin in warm water and apply the mixture on the skin using cosmetic cotton sponge. As soon as the pass 15 minutes, you can wash it with warm water and wipe the face with a towel.

We have considered some of the most popular tools that can help to remove black spots at home without the help of a cosmetologist. However, in fact, each has certain disadvantages. One of the major drawbacks – it is a long term occurrence of a positive result. Unfortunately, to using these tools for cleansing the face to achieve a good effect, you have performed multiple procedures (sometimes less than 10). Naturally, it is not suitable if you need to cleanse your face right now.

But do not worry! For these purposes, there are quite versatile and effective solution that will help to remove completely, not only the black spots on the face, but also acne, acne and other problems in just a few minutes. This is a unique film Black Mask.

What it is?

black-spots-4Black Mask – a unique innovation in the market of modern cosmetology, which has managed to prove its effectiveness, and has received a great number of enthusiastic testimonials from satisfied customers can not simply be ignored by our attention. This is not just another tool for cleaning the face, and a fundamentally new method of dealing with blackheads and acne on the skin is literally 15 minutes, without any consequences for the organism, without pain and without much assistance.

The basis of this cream-mask laid a unique composition, which includes a complex of natural substances. The full composition of the components of this product are kept secret, but some substance yet known. In particular, the collagen is present, bamboo charcoal, panthenol, grapefruit peel oil and many other natural ingredients in a cream.

You will be surprised to learn how simple and clean your face using this film.

black-spots-5By itself, the product is sold as a cream. Before use, you need to clean the face and it is advisable to steam it in warm water, to maximize the pores open. Now, when the skin is ready, you just need to squeeze out a small amount of cream from a tube and spread it evenly on all the surface of your face. Ultimately, you should get an even layer. Now, let the cream dry. When will take place 15-25 minutes and you will feel that the cream has dried and turned into a uniform film, it can be gradually removed.

Slowly pull the film in order to avoid the painful effect. When you remove it, you can see that the film stuck particles subcutaneous fat, as well as acne, which also contaminate your face.

As a result, only 1 procedure within 20 minutes you will be able to completely get rid of this problem and forget about the black spots.

The advantages of this product are obvious:

• It is completely natural and safe. Black Mask or Collamask is a patented formula that has all the necessary certificates and passed relevant clinical trials. In its structure there are no chemicals – only environmentally friendly ingredients that are really helpful for your skin.
• Quickly gives effect. If other cleaning agents have to wait for the result of several days or even weeks, in the case of the cream-mask you can get a perfectly clean face after a few minutes after application.
• Solves not only a consequence, but also eliminates the cause. As part of this product there is an extract of grapefruit peel. This component helps narrow pores of your skin and makes it impossible to re-clogging. In addition, the effect of bamboo charcoal helps to normalize the production of subcutaneous fat, and prevent the recurrence of such a problem.
• It has no side effects. The manufacturer reports that Black Mask has no obvious side effects. Among the possible problems that are possible when using this means, there is only increased sensitivity to any one of the components.

It is obvious that Black Mask and Collamask is one of the most versatile tools for cleaning your skin of blackheads and acne. But to the effect of its use was more long-term, we recommend to completely revise its own power supply, the deletion of the foods that are high in fat. In addition, for the prevention of recurrence of blackheads should be sure to carry out cleaning procedures on a daily basis, as well as to normalize their own way of life. It is advisable to stop drinking alcohol, avoid stress and to sleep for at least 8 hours a day.

With this approach, and in a place with the film Black Mask you can easily solve the problem and to completely clean your face.

As this product is new, then find it in the pharmacy or on the open market rather difficult. It is best to order it online at the manufacturer’s website. By the way, today this product is already being sold all over the world. You can order it right now in the following countries:

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