How to Remove Fat From the Waist

15111618In the process of slimming very often we are faced with certain difficulties.

One of these problems is to remove the fat in the waist area.

In fact, many fitness trainers call this area the most difficult of our body. This is especially true of girls who are fat on the sides and on the back. Even with strict diet and heavy exercise a lot and can not solve this problem.

In fact, in this case it is important to correctly place the main emphasis. In particular this applies to nutrition. It is necessary to remove from the diet of carbohydrates as much as possible.

Forget cakes, sweets, bread and other high-calorie foods. Furthermore, it is desirable to clear the intestine using dairy products. The fact is that sometimes the effect of a convex belly is formed by the accumulation of large amounts of gases and toxins in the intestines.

In addition, it is necessary to use a special set of exercises: abdominal exercises it, twisting and side slopes, as well as hyperextension.

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