How to Restore Hair?

091220166Who does not dream about a beautiful head of hair? Most likely, such is not there. Hair – the pride of women. But it is that not everyone can grow long and beautiful hair. This is due to the fact that hair very strongly drop out and flogged?

So, how to restore your hair?

1. Traditional recipes. Do not ignore the people’s recipes for hair restoration. Infusion of burdock need to rinse hair after each wash. This will considerably strengthen the hair. As for the bow, then it can also be very well strengthen the hair. Onions need to grate. The resulting slurry to the hair. The result will be excellent. In the mask there is one drawback – if the hair is wet, they will have the onion smell.
2. Oils. If the ends of her hair constantly flogged, then to deal with this problem you can use the oils (olive, burdock). Before washing hair, apply oil to the hair ends. The result was not long in coming.
3. Dryer. Stop using the dryer. It makes the hair brittle and visited. Very often, they lose their luster.

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