How to Save Money on Hair Care?

Every woman wants to have beautiful hair. To achieve this they need to provide quality care. These include: all kinds of masks, hair shampoos, balms.

However, there are situations when you need to save a little money. But how to make sure that it does not hurt the hair? Do not worry. Everything can be done right.

1. Mowing. Haircut can be postponed for a couple of weeks if you do not straighten the hair. It is always possible to wind the hair and hairstyles to hide the shortcomings.
2. The ends of the hair. Regularly trim your hair ends. This is no big deal, so learn to do it yourself.
3. Masks at home. Learn to prepare masks and improvised (black bread, egg yolk, honey, lemon juice, herbs).
4. Hair length. Select the hair of medium length. Hair of this length should be less likely to cut. Unfortunately, with regard to short haircut, she needs constant care and styling.
5. Painted hair. If you dye your hair, then you need to buy special products to care for them. This will prevent discoloration and will rarely need to be painted.

Lovely woman, always be beautiful, regardless of the length of the hair!

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