How to Seize the Hearts of Men?

051220165Every woman dreams of a simple happiness – a husband, children, home comfort, a favorite pet. In general, the house – a full cup.

Unfortunately, the man on the planet much less than women. In this regard, men are not enough, so the real fight begins.

So how can you seize the heart of a man who liked?

1. Parents. Always you say how you respect his parents.
2. Loneliness. A man should have his own space, so do not try to be with them 24 hours a day.
3. Coquetry. Never need to flirt with other men, it can hurt the beloved’s heart.
4. Mind. You do not need to prove that you are smarter than him May he always knows what he is your support.
5. Food. Cook him his favorite dishes. But never force him to eat, if he does not want it.
6. Gifts. When he gives you gifts, take them with a smile and gratitude.

How would you not like a man, if he does not reciprocate, have pride and do not run after him. Remember, it is you just do not deserve.

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