How to Sleep in 5 Hours?

041220164Everyone knows how important sleep. But it so happens that the time to have a rest not so much. How to be in such a situation?

Immediately say, it is not necessary on this occasion too worry. Now we will write a number of recommendations on the topic: “How can you sleep 5 hours?”.

1. Dinner. Give once and for all from the late dinner (no fat and junk food). Before going to sleep there is nothing better than a cup of yogurt.
2. Tea. From drinking tea at night is best abandoned. This applies to all beverages that contain caffeine.
3. Walking. Before going to sleep you need to make a walk. Remember, this will contribute to a good and sound sleep.
4. TV. Before going to sleep better not to watch detectives that will lead to the nervous system arousal.
5. Noise and light. Remember that bright light and noise – this is the first sleep doctors. You can never sleep under the TV is.

Finally, I want to say that the bedroom – a place to sleep. It should always be dark, cool, comfortable and quiet.

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