How to Speed up Hair Growth?

271120162So I come on this day. You have decided to radically change the image. Hair cut, not left of them disappeared. Should all like, but there is everything else.

Once a woman cuts her hair, she wants to get them back. It seems that without the long hair is not the former attractiveness and sexuality.

Therefore, the woman decides that it is necessary to grow hair. Of course, I want them to grow up as quickly as possible.

How can this be achieved?

1. Power. We need to eat right. In the diet include: meat, eggs, nuts, milk, fish. In addition, do not forget that we need vitamins and minerals (E, A, C, B, zinc) for hair growth.
2. Oils. Before washing the hair rub over the entire length of hair olive oil or castor oil. The course – 1 month.
3. Nicotinic acid. Regularly rub the hair roots nicotinic acid. It does not only speed up their growth, but also make them more bushy.
4. Massage. During shampooing, you need a good massage head. This is a great way to supply the hair follicles.
5. Dryer. Stop using the dryer.

As you can see, to accelerate the growth of hair is not so difficult!

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