How to Start to Harden?

Now you can find many articles on how to be useful for hardening of the body. This fact can not but agree. Only the newcomers need to do everything right, so as not to get sick. Very often, ignorance leads precisely to this.

So what should you do to beginners?

1. Sensations. It is important to listen to your feelings. Hardening should start gradually. At first no one pours ice water. Listen to the signals of the body and senses. This is the best counselor.
2. Systematic. In this case, the system is important. Nobody says that you need to pour cold water every day. But stick to the systems you need. For example, start to pour in a day. It is optimally to the body to be comfortable.
3. Important features. I must say that before you start hardening, it is necessary to evaluate many aspects. This applies to the human body and its overall health, age. For example, thin people should be even more smoothly change the temperature of the water.

If you understand all the nuances of the procedure, you can safely proceed to it. Good luck!

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