How to Stay Healthy in the Heat?

Hot weather – a real test for the organism. During this period, you have to be very careful to maintain their health. Unfortunately, not all people are aware of how to dress properly in the heat or what to drink?

So, how to behave in the summer heat? Let us examine in detail the issue of the maximum.

1. Clothing. Boring summer dress in bright colors. However, it should be free and not hamper the movement. Be sure to choose natural fabrics that was a sufficient level of heat exchange. As for the shoes, it should be open to the skin it easier to breathe.
2. Water. It is important to drink enough water. I would like to say that it is necessary to drink water instead of juice or tea. Using water as possible to provide prevention of dehydration.
3. Nutrition. With regard to food, it must be as light as possible. Prefer light salads and boiled meat. Do not overeat. Denser meal is better to move in the evening, when it will not be so hot.

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