How to Stop Coughing?

14111620In this article, we will focus on useful advice to help you get rid of the compulsive cough.

In particular this applies to those situations where because of a virus or infection you regularly have a dry or wet cough that interferes with normal breathing.

In addition to medical drugs, which help to solve this problem, you can use conventional products, which also have a positive effect on cleansing the lungs of mucus and cough reduction activities:

Honey + onions. Quite an unusual combination of products that really gives a positive result. The use of this product will not only help to reduce cough activity, but also help bring phlegm from the lungs.
Milk + butter. Heat a glass of milk, and put a small piece of butter. Surprisingly, after this procedure, you will also feel an improvement.
Coltsfoot. Drinking tea from this plant has a positive effect and helps to really get rid of the compulsive cough.

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