How to Store Cosmetics?

Every woman in the box you can find a huge number of cosmetic products. Each tube has its own purpose.

But the question arises – whether the woman usually always keeps cosmetics. It should be noted that improper storage can adversely affect the skin condition.

So, how to properly store cosmetics?

1. Spirits. Do not store perfume in the bathroom, as do many women. Perfume should be stored in a cool and dark place. Sunny color is very harmful for the perfume.
2. Cream. Bathroom – not the best place for the storage of cream. Excessive moisture can negatively affect its texture. The best place to store the cream – it is a dry place where the temperature does not exceed 20 degrees.
3. Nail polish. Nail polish is best stored in the refrigerator. So its service life can be increased.
4. Shampoo. In the manufacture of shampoo manufacturers take into account that the tool will always be in the bathroom. In this connection, use them safely.
5. Brush. Brushes for makeup have a small shelf life (a few months). After this time, they need to be thrown away and buy new.

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