How to Strengthen Nails at Home?

At present, more and more women are faced with the problem of brittle nails. But this is not surprising, because so much homework you need to perform a small and fragile woman. First, the skin suffers women hands and nails.

Do not worry too much. Nails can be strong and healthy, and your skin healthier.

1. Baths. Baths with sea salt will help make your nails stronger. The procedure should take about 15 minutes.
2. Iodine. Before going to bed, you can lubricate the nails iodine. This will help them to strengthen. Do not worry, that after the procedure, they become yellow. By morning all will pass.
3. Homework. All homework to be performed with gloves. This will protect your hands and nails from many problems.
4. Len. For the skin of hands and nails perfect mask on the basis of flax seeds. They need to make. The resulting mixture is applied to the hands. Keeping you need 30 minutes. Please note, as a part of the mask contains a lot of mucus, but this is normal.

As you can see, you can make your skin and nails are perfect at the lowest cost.

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