How to Survive a Hangover?

Everyone is safe from excessive alcohol consumption during the holidays. Sometimes you do not notice in the cheerful company that you drink a glass of wine once already. As if there were not, the morning after the party is not the most iridescent and pleasant. So, how to survive a hangover?

1. Water. In the morning you need to drink more water to bring out all the toxins from the body. It is best to drink water without gas.
2. Fruits. To restore the balance of minerals in the body, you need to eat bananas and dried fruits.
3. Vitamin C. After waking to drink vitamin C. It helps to go through a difficult morning. No vitamin C tablets, eat lemons and oranges.
4. Ice cream. Eat ice cream. But it provided that you do not feel sick. There’s a lot of fat. With their help it survive the hangover easier.
5. Cocktail. The recipe of this cocktail little to enjoy. It is worth noting that the device really works. Thus, in the cocktail includes: tomato juice, and egg yolk. Two ingredients you need to mix and drink. But do not everyone can. Content on the look and the taste is not the most pleasant.

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