How to Tidy Himself Up?

Every woman wants to look slimmer, attractive and beautiful. This desire is quite justified, because no one wants to look at a young age is bad.

To always be on top, you need to provide quality and timely care.

So, how to clean up in just 5 days?

1 For 5 days. It is best for the 5 days to start a more global things. These include – depilation, visit the hairdresser (updated hairstyles and hair coloring). Depilation always need to do in advance to redness disappeared. Do not worry, during this time, new hair does not grow back.
2. For 3 days. Now is the time to take care of the condition of their skin. To do this, take a warm bath, relax. After that it will be possible to start the procedures. You can clean the skin, apply a nourishing mask, followed by a moisturizer.
3. For 1 day. One day before an important event take care of the skin of hands. It should be gentle.
4. For 3 hours. Take a contrast shower and begin to assemble (dress, hairstyle, make-up).
5. In just a few minutes. In just a few minutes before take a look in the mirror and evaluate your appearance. Of course, do not forget to use the perfume!

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