How to Wake up Beautiful?

Every woman does not like that in the morning she was seen in a bad shape. Often at this time of day the women do not look in the best way. But it should no longer continue. With this need to fight as soon as possible.

So what should you do to be a beautiful morning?

1. Mode. It is extremely important to observe the mode. This means going to bed tedious at one and the same time. No evening and night watching movies.
2. Water. At night you need to drink less water. The Last Supper is to be 6 hours before bedtime. I must say that the evening meal should be light. In no case can not eat fried and salty foods.
3. Procedures. Before going to bed to wash off the makeup and apply a nourishing cream.
4. Hair. Before going to bed should always comb your hair. Head massage is also necessary to carry out on a daily basis. These procedures will help to make your hair beautiful and healthy.
5. Essential oils. Everyone knows that Lavender – a great sedative. Bedtime light the candles and aroma lamp. The pleasant scent will calm the nervous system, and in the twilight easier to fall asleep.

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