How to Wear Summer Clothes in the Winter?

Everyone knows that you need to dress for the weather. In this regard, the constant rotation in a case occurs in a case of any person. With the arrival of summer, winter clothes are cleaned in the top rack (or vice versa in the winter).

But here the question arises – why do it? In winter you can easily wear summer clothes.

1. Silk Dress. Summer silk dress simply unnoticed. It is very easy and suitable to almost any shoe. So on this dress or sundress do not need to give up in the winter. This is due to the fact that the silk fabric is ideal for cold weather as it has unique properties of cooling and warming.
2. Cotton shirt. Everybody knows that in the summer without a cotton shirt simply will not do. The fabric breathes and body heat to survive comfortably. Top shirt you can wear warm vest and leggings. In this way you will look just perfect.

Lovely women, learn how to combine things together. Just can not all turn out, but never retreat!

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