How to Wear Thong Panties?

Now more and more women prefer to wear thong panties. It is fashionable, beautiful and sexy. Although doctors do not share this opinion. They believe that such a lingerie brings a lot of problems.

So let’s understand in order.

Why is it dangerous to wear a thong?

1. Fabric. Most often thong made of synthetic fabrics. This has a negative impact on women’s health. There is a greenhouse effect, and this contributes to more rapid development of microorganisms.
2. Cracks. A thin thread contributes to friction. In this regard, the private parts may cause cracks.
3. Diseases. Thin rope is an excellent “transport” for the bacteria. The microorganisms from the anus can penetrate into the vagina. This, in turn, leads to the appearance of cystitis, genital candidiasis.

Finally I want to say that, of course, women do not abandon this type of panties. This is due to the fact that sometimes they just can not do (light trousers, tight dress). But you should always know when to stop.

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