How Useful Walnut

14111615Foods that are recommended to eat every day, are walnuts.

Scientists have long been able to prove that the people who every day eat 4-5 walnuts, less exposed to various diseases.

Especially this product is useful for people who have problems with the heart, because nuts are able to control cholesterol, thereby improving blood flow and preventing the possibility of a heart attack or stroke.

Due to the fact that their structure contains antioxidants, walnuts use considerably reduces the risk of malignancies and improve brain function.
Those people who suffer from obesity, this product should also be included in your menu, because it promotes the burning of fat and the normalization of the bowel, the more so because it is very convenient for a snack.

Nuts can be used both in independent form, and used as an additive in a variety of dishes such as beetroot salad or cottage cheese, which will give them a unique taste.

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