How wonderful to live where it is clean

Everyone dreams of having as many wonderful minutes as possible, which he can spend together with his own people in a wonderful place.

And if you pay attention to the ecology, which is too closely linked to our health, then it is quite possible that you will quickly change your idea of ​​a house in which you would like to live. When the real idyll reigns around and reunion with nature, you begin to understand that only environmentally friendly places on our planet can bring a lot of positive things into our lives. Very often, people live in industrial cities and go to the forest or to the sea only on vacation.

In these moments, they cleanse the body of the harmful substances that have accumulated in the body for a whole year, as well as the restructuring of all organs to work in a relaxed mode, when one does not need to develop immunity every minute to fight contaminated air.

Those who earn themselves a lot of health problems due to the fact that they live near factories and other industrial enterprises throughout their lives begin to think about moving as close as possible to those places where clean air and clean water.

How to understand that you need to change your place of residence?

If you begin to notice for yourself a constant fatigue, nervous tension, as well as irritability and all this against the backdrop of endless diseases, it’s time to change your place of residence for a long time. Quite often people try to move to the forest, and those who suffer from respiratory diseases – to the sea. Therefore, if you have such an opportunity to settle somewhere away from industry, it is better to do it as soon as possible so that your children can breathe clean and fresh air from birth. And if you take care that your health is always in order, this will have the best effect on the duration of your life.

After all, it should be noted separately that the greatest number of long-livers can be found in those countries that constantly monitor their ecology and try to install all filters on all industrial enterprises in order not only to not pollute the environment, but also not to poison local residents with dangerous emissions.

The fact is that when the state cares about its citizens, they have no reason to change their place of residence, but in those countries where people should think for themselves, one always has to choose the balance between good work in a prosperous enterprise and one’s own health. It is necessary to say separately that ecologically clean areas on our planet are considered as resort areas and a lot of people come there often enough to get some health. Very often nature itself tries to cleanse itself of the pollution of mankind, but this takes too much time. Therefore, the purer the nature in the places where you are going to live, the better you will live there.

Where is the best place to go live?

To answer this question, you need to look inside and try to figure out what you like more, a quiet forest or a view of the endless sea surface? And maybe you enjoy it when there is a river outside the mountain window and nearby? Everything depends on the person’s preferences, and also on how much he is attached to his native land.

After all, if he lived all his life near the sea and moves only because the sea air is contraindicated to his health, then the new place of residence must necessarily have a nearby water reservoir, which will at least compensate him for the sea calm.

And you should always strive to live where your soul is comfortable, because then your psychological state will work to strengthen health, and not fight with your internal contradictions. Human health is closely interwoven with his psyche, so that the more comfortable you feel in one place or another, the stronger immunity can be developed. So if you choose to choose a new place of residence, where there is absolutely pure ecology, then try not to forget about your soul.

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